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I always find Atlanta tricky. Is it a good market for art, is it not? Do they have too many art festivals (yes!), but do I still do pretty well there (also yes!). As long as the shows are decent, I'll continue to sign up for Atlanta art festivals, and I had a really good one this year at Piedmont Park. I was concerned about load-in and load-out, as the park has one narrow lane that we're all on, but everyone did what they were supposed to and didn't block the lane, so... it was super easy. And, sales were really good.

Chad Michael Murray - Piffle Pic owner

I also met Chad Michael Murray, his wife, and their two children. Not sure why they were in Atlanta, but they bought some artwork to go back with them to LA. They were NOT dressed up like they are in this picture and were in full on - Mom and Dad garb. Don't get me wrong, they still looked like models, but had they not stopped in the booth, I'd have not recognized either of them. And, it wasn't until we were talking that I thought, "He looks like that actor from 'One Tree Hill' ". Turns out he was that actor from "One Tree Hill". That puts me now at three celebrities that I know of that have my artwork. My goal is 233.

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